Member Spotlight: Nathan Simpson

Name: Nathan (Nate) Simpson
Current Career: Regional Director of Building Operations at Stream Realty
Family Life: I am married to the love of my life of 13 years and I have 5 beautiful children….no regrets!   We also have an 9-year-old albino Maltipoo.
What AAFAME Committees are you in:  I am on the Membership Committee, Resource Alliance Committee, and Engineering Director on the Board.   
Past Jobs:  I was a contract Engineer directly after college. I then worked as a Building Engineer with Cousins Properties and Colonial Properties at Research Park Buildings 3 & 4.  After that I was a Service Application Engineer for TAC/Schneider Electric before joining Stream as the downtown area Operations Manager in 2009.
Professional Aspirations (path you want your career to follow): I would say that I’ve gone a lot farther than I expected I’d go. I’m working my hardest to be the best Region and would be happy to complete my career at this level. I fear the next step would keep me too much from my family.
What do you not like about your boss?  Nothing to mention there. She is very smart.  I have learned a lot about property management and improving myself from her.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  I would like to be known as a great father and to be a boss that supports the needs and careers of those that work in our operations department. Any and all success or credit to be given to our maker and my Savior Jesus Christ.
Unusual experience as a Building Engineer:  We had a switch gear blow up on the side of the building and start a fire. 
Five Minutes of Fame:  When we were awarded LEED Platinum O+M, which is the highest LEED Certification.  We were the first building in Austin to get that designation for an existing building and our team was recognized by the Mayor and USGBC.
Hobbies: Are kids a hobby? HA!  I love working on cars and computers…. fixing stuff. 
Pet Peeves: I have too many!  I would say, carelessness and uncleanliness.  Disorganization really bothers me.
If you could change anything, what would it be: I would’ve pushed myself harder earlier in my career. 
Quote, saying or song: All we lack is finishin’. 
Favorite thing about AAFAME: AAFAME is a platform to interact with other business professionals doing the same thing that I am doing, in different areas.  We all have the same goals to operate buildings better, more efficiently, and providing support and training for building engineers.
Interviewed By: Sara Camp with Beckwith Electronic Systems, LLC.