Member Spotlight: Demetrius Middleton

AAFAME Spotlight

  • Demetrius Middleton is currently a Facility Coordinator at HPI.
  • He is involved in the Communication and Training Committees
  • He has been in this industry for the past 10 years. Before that he was a Stage Technician for concerts and political rallies. He would build the stage set ups for various events. He even had the privilege of building the media riser for the Obama Inauguration in Washington D.C. And he also met Gene Simmons from Kiss. That's where everything started, he became a Maintenance Technician at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta Georgia which has been a historical marker since 1929!!
  • His most unique experience as a building engineer was when he worked at The Fox Theatre. He remembers when he was preparing for the show that President Jimmy Carter was to attend. The secret service had to come 2 weeks prior to the show and do background checks and he had to show them all the secret pathways. The night of the show he was honored to meet President Carter.
  • His five minutes of fame was performing at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta Georgia. It was awesome!
  • When Demetrius grows up he wants to be a performer and musician, he enjoys singing R&B and Hip Hop.  Maybe even a Chief Engineer or professional Gamer. He really enjoys doing a little bit of everything!
  • His hobbies are gaming, interior decorating (especially lighting) and he loves to sing!
  • His pet peeve is rude & dishonest people...first impressions are important!
  • If there is anything he could change it would be to start his maintenance technician career a lot earlier in life.
  • His favorite song is Roni by Bobby Brown.
  • His favorite thing about AAFAME is Amy Ables and of course the camaraderie! Everyone always looks out for each other and it’s always so positive! Taco Tuesday was his birthday and Amy and Jenna gave him a birthday balloon! He Loves AAFAME!
  • Demetrius also wanted to be sure to say that he believes his faith in God attributed to all of his success. 
  • He wants to thank HPI for the opportunity because he wouldn't have even known about AAFAME. Thank you HPI!
Interview by: Rachel Salas with Specialized A.C. Mechanical Services