Member Spotlight: Trever Bryan

Trever Bryan has been a Building Engineer at Endeavor for the past 3 years.
At this time he is serving on every committee AAFAME has!
He is pursuing is SMT Designation and is currently enrolled in the “Electrical Systems and Illumination” Course.
His previous employer was a Building Engineer as Kucera Company for 3 years and before that he worked for Landry Services as a Residential HVAC Technician for 2 years.
Trever’s professional aspirations are to complete his SMT which stands for System Maintenance Technician.  The courses are related to building maintenance technician job duties. From there he will work on completing his SMA (System Maintenance Administrative) Designation. He is a goal-oriented person!
When he grows up he wanted to be a Building Engineer! His wish came true!
The most unusual experience that Trever has experienced as a building engineer was one day there was a tenant that was complaining about nasty pest, so Trever had pest control come to abate the rats. Pest control did come and take care of the situation. Well, the lady tenant ended up finding a rat that had ate some poison but was not dead just sick. She felt so bad for the rat that she ended up taking him to the
His five minutes of fame were his wedding with his wife, family and friends.
Trever really enjoys the outdoors, he loves hunting, fishing, anything outdoors!
Trever only has one pet peeve which is a pretty common one. He doesn’t like loud chewing and smacking. That is pretty annoying!
If there was one thing that Trever could change it would be to change our attitudes for our environment. Quit being so negative and detrimental.
Favorite Quote: "A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise" -Aldo Leopold
His favorite thing about AAFAME is a sense of community and it’s so refreshing.
Interview by: Rachel Salas with Specialized A.C. Mechanical Services