AFD IBC 2021 Adoption

Here are slides from the AFD IBC 2021 adoption webinar. Below are some highlights and code references for the changes that might affect building owners. There are more changes than are covered here.

IBC 202 Atrium definition
904.14 Domestic cooking systems in group I-1 and R-2 require automatic fire extinguishing system
907.2.1 Group A occupancy 300 or more or  > 100 above or below the level of exit discharge requires manual fire alarm system (changed in 2018 version)
907.2.10 Group S requires manual fire alarm with 3 or more stores and has interior corridors.
907. Group R-1 and R-2 require low frequency smoke alarms
911 Fire command Center required for F-1 and S-1 exceeding 500,000 sq. ft.
1009.2.1 Elevators required for occupied roofs 4 or more stories above level of exit discharge