AAFAME was founded to promote the professionalism of building engineers & to provide ongoing education for our industry. To this end, the Board of Directors of AAFAME has determined that providing financial assistance to members & their children to attend courses that offer the skills needed for either entry level maintenance or to pursue a designation to enhance career progress.  The following are examples of what we will consider for scholarship:

Criteria for Scholarship Assistance Eligibility

  • Be a current member of AAFAME in good standing (or the child of an AAFAME member).
  • Must have long-term career plans in the building maintenance field as indicated in required statement (details listed below).
  • Current AAFAME involvement by members and intent for future involvement is helpful but not required of the members child.  
  • Must be applying for scholarship funds to be used towards a designation or certificate that provides advanced training for experienced engineers or provides skills to train future building engineers.
  • Letter of recommendation from current employer to include why you are not eligible for company assistance, in most cases its not in the current year budget.
    • For members child, a letter of recommendation from school instructor, coach, counselor or similar.
  • Letter of recommendation from another AAFAME member
    • Not required for members child.
  • Statement from applicant which includes answers to the following questions:
    • Brief description of current job responsibilities or type of job seeking if members child.
    • Why do you want to attend the course that you are applying for (Designation, Certificate, Trade School, Etc)?
    • What are your contributing achievements to AAFAME and/or what do you plan to contribute to this association or industry?
  • Provide copy of receipts to be reimbursed up to $1,200 for tuition & book expenses only.
  • Be advised that it can take up to 30 days to receive scholarship funds once approved.

Additional Details for Scholarship

  • AAFAME will provide assistance when finances permit as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Must satisfactorily complete course for which assistance was provided or recipient may be required to repay cost of financial assistance. Determination will be made by a vote of the AAFAME executive board as needed.
  • Number of times applicant has applied for scholarship and amount of total AAFAME scholarships received will be considered when approving applicants.