The primary goal of the AUSTIN ASSOCIATION OF FACILITY AND MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS otherwise known as AAFAME (pronounced A-fame) is to promote professionalism for maintenance engineers. Today, more than ever, education is critical to the proper maintenance and operation of modern buildings. Not only is it necessary to keep the equipment functioning properly, it is important to operate them at the highest efficiency possible due to the rising cost of utilities, the need to conserve natural resources, and the requirement to reduce environmental contamination.

AAFAME programs will assist facilities, maintenance or building engineers to become better qualified and more valuable to their employers. This, in turn, assures management that their people are knowledgeable and capable of operating their buildings efficiently, economically and, above all, safely. AAFAME provides a better qualified engineer and promotes the welfare to raise the standards of engineers by providing educational programs within our association.

AAFAME is a non-profit and volunteer based organization with a board of directors, committees and administrators who follow written by-laws as voted on by our members. Our membership is represented by over 600+ individuals which represent over 200 companies in the Austin and surrounding area. Our members include chief, lead, intermediate and entry level engineers including industry related vendors to help service their building needs.



Our association has evolved over the years. Originally started in 1985 as the Austin Engineers Association (AEA) and then in the early 1990's became the Austin Chapter of the Texas Association of Chief Operating Engineers or better known as TACOE (pronounced like the Mexican food item "taco").

In November 1995 we conducted a membership wide contest to come up with an association name more reflective of our members and to become a stand alone association. That is when we became the Austin Association of Facility and Maintenance Engineers better simply known as AAFAME.

Since 1995 we have realized a 300% growth in membership due to professional awareness among the commercial building industry professionals.