Member Spotlight: Scott Bartolomey with ECR

Meet Scott Bartolomey, a dedicated Building Engineer at ECR Realty, who brings a unique blend of passion for his work and a zest for life. In this interview, we delve into Scott's professional journey, aspirations, and his active involvement with AAFAME.

Passion for Building Engineering
Scott's career as a building engineer is an engaging adventure. For him, every job has been fascinating, but being a building engineer tops the list. It keeps his mind active, allows him to be creative, and provides him with the satisfaction of working with his hands to maintain and improve facilities.

Professional Ambitions
Scott aspires to become a Chief Engineer and take on the responsibility of overseeing an entire building. This ambition reflects his commitment to his career's growth and development.

Young at Heart
While asked about what he wants to do when he grows up, Scott humorously mentions that he's still a kid at heart and may never fully grow up. This youthful spirit adds a refreshing energy to his life and work.

Musical Pursuits
Beyond his professional life, Scott is an avid musician. He plays the guitar, bass, drums, and piano, enjoying a wide variety of music. Additionally, he runs a Live Stream Radio Station, "Scott's Renegade Rock Radio," where he and his wife entertain listeners with good music and great laughs. It's a hobby that showcases his sense of humor and love for music.

Moments of Fame
Scott reminisces about his "5-minutes of fame" when he appeared in an early MTV music video. This unique experience allowed him to collect autographs from some famous bands, connecting him to the world of music in a special way.

Looking Ahead
Scott's goals include expanding his involvement within AAFAME by joining various committees, with a particular interest in the training committee. He sees great potential for learning and growth through active participation.

The AAFAME Experience
For Scott, AAFAME is a valuable platform for networking with fellow engineers and learning from their experiences. He cherishes the friendships formed during events like bowling and the wealth of knowledge shared within the AAFAME community.

In Conclusion
Scott Bartolomey is not just a Building Engineer but a true enthusiast of life. His involvement with AAFAME has broadened his horizons and deepened his professional connections. Whether he's pursuing his career aspirations or enjoying his musical interests, one thing is evident: Scott's enthusiasm is infectious, making him a valuable asset in both his workplace and the AAFAME community. We wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

Interview by Art Cardenas, Valor Fire